Delicious Pies Since 1847

The Story

Pie perfectionists through three centuries.

The Story

It was 1847, a time during which the great Irish potato famine was approaching its peak, the year when American outlaw Jesse James was born and the great European composer Mendelssohn died. The city of Yerba Beuna was being renamed ‘San Francisco’ and Charlotte Bronte published both ‘Jane Eyre’ and ‘Wuthering Heights’.

This was also the year that Margaret Poole first opened her bakery shop in Wigan, Lancashire, a brave step for anyone in such times, but especially so for a single woman in what was then very much a man’s world.
But Margaret Poole was no shrinking violet! Assisted by her sister and daughter, in 1903 she had expanded to a chain of 3 shops and a bakery, and was rapidly making a name for herself and her high quality meat pies across a region of the country which would, forever after, come to be recognised as the ‘spiritual home’ of savoury pastries.

Now, almost 200 years on from that quiet but determined beginning, Poole’s has flourished and is rightly recognised as one of the country’s premier producers of high quality sweet and savoury pastry foods.
Size and market sophistication may have changed beyond recognition, but we are confident that should our originator, Margaret Poole, be beamed down today, she would proudly recognise that commitment to quality, value, flavour and taste that is as evident now as it was when she sold that very first pie, all those years ago.

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