Delicious Pies Since 1847


Our facility is the only one of its kind in the UK and our ingredients come from tried and trusted local suppliers. All of this helps us to meet the highest quality control standards, including the traceability of all ingredients to source.

With unrivalled experience in supplying sports stadia, retail outlets, food services and chip shops all over the country, we bring both a strong understanding of a variety of sectors and an even greater passion for the production and supply of outstanding savoury and sweet pastry products.

We offer:

  • Pricing that is both attractive and competitive for products which far exceed the ‘norm’ in this sector.
  • Outstanding quality, such as the exceptional meat and fruit content in our pies and pastries.
  • An unrivalled management, technical and customer service team, which has been assembled specifically to meet and exceed your requirements.
  • A committed workforce, skilled and experienced in the production and supply of high quality pies.
  • Arguably the finest available manufacturing set up of plant and equipment, which offers outstanding capacity, consistency and economic production, whilst simultaneously maintaining product quality.
  • Widespread organisational and commercial experience in meeting the demanding standards and requirements of sector-leading and blue chip customers, such as yourselves.
  • The integrity of a lifelong brand – Poole’s, established in 1847!

Most importantly, we promise to ensure that all your supply needs and requirements are met in a professional, accessible, open and responsive manner.

The ‘new’ Poole’s Pies has a greater motivation than any other business to become your best-in-class supplier.

Our stockists and retailers include: Morrisons, Asda, Iceland, Booths, Spar and Tesco.

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